Emission regulation trend of India : Emission

The Indian government has demonstrated its progressive stance towards environmental sustainability by accelerating the implementation of Bharat Stage (BS) VI emission norms. Initially proposed for 2024, the implementation was advanced to 2020. As a result, the BS V standard, originally scheduled for 2019, has been skipped altogether.


  1. Road Transport Minister’s Assurance
  2. Final Notification on BS VI
  3. PEMS and ISC
  4. Conformity Factor Implementation
  5. Fuel Blending
  6. BS VII and Hydrogen Vehicle Emissions

Road Transport Minister’s Assurance

The Road Transport and Highways Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, has reassured automakers about the availability of suitable fuel for BS VI compliant engines. He urged companies to concentrate on developing engines that meet these stringent emission standards, emphasizing that the government remains steadfast in its decision to introduce BS VI norms from April 1, 2020.

Final Notification on BS VI

The final notification for the BS VI standards was released in mid-September 2016, providing detailed guidelines for vehicles above 3.5 tonnes. The technical requirements are outlined in the draft AIS 137 part 4, which was updated in January 2019.

Regulation trend of India
Regulation trend of India


From March 2022, Portable Emission Measurement System (PEMS) data generation has been ongoing across different vehicles. The application date for BS VI On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD II) is set for April 2023, with a conformity factor of 1.5 for Nitrogen Oxides (NOx). Further stringent In-Service Conformity (ISC) requirements are expected to be confirmed by 2027.

Emission Road map
Emission Road map
Conformity factor
Conformity factor

Conformity Factor Implementation

As per the G.S.R. 226(E) specification, real-world driving cycle emission measurements using PEMS will be carried out for data collection. From April 1, 2023, the conformity factor will be applicable for all vehicle models as per the procedure laid down in AIS_137_Part_4_F.

Fuel Blending

Discussions on fuel blending were ongoing as of February 2021, as part of the ongoing efforts to meet the BS VI emission standards.

BS VII and Hydrogen Vehicle Emissions

In March 2022, work began on the automotive engine roadmap for BS VII. A working group is expected to start on this project in June 2023. Simultaneously, emission requirements for hydrogen vehicles are being specified under GSR 683 E, drafted in September 2022.


The introduction of BS VI norms marks a significant step in India’s commitment to reducing vehicular emissions. With the government, automakers, and other stakeholders working hand-in-hand, the country is poised to make significant strides in environmental sustainability.

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