Excavator Battery failure survey in China

The purpose of this study is to understand the usage of batteries in the coal mine and quarry fields in China. Additionally, it aims to examine the battery management process and situation at China dealer shops, as well as survey battery usage in the field for all China machines


Survey Background

China poses significant challenges for machinery operation due to its tough and hazardous fields. Moreover, the region experiences a higher battery failure rate compared to other areas. The cross-border delivery of batteries presents logistical difficulties, making it necessary to analyze battery failure components within China and determine the underlying causes of the elevated failure rate.

Surveyed sites


Work site


Machine in Taiyuan

Taiyuan one of the largest sites and serves as a significant customer base. The majority of machines utilized at this location weigh over 36 tons. The primary tasks performed are digging and dumping. Due to the vast size of the jobsite, finding the ideal machine for the job can be challenging.

Batter tooth damage

Some of the tooth and other material in Tool box could touch the battery case. It could make battery leakage.

Fuse modified


In Some case, operator sometimes use direct electrical line connected from battery terminal and modified electrical line in fuse box.



In China, operators often take it upon themselves to modify the electrical circuits, which poses a significant risk of thermal events, especially with lamps and electrical options. Each worksite has its unique characteristics in terms of working modes and conditions. It is crucial for operators to pay close attention to the conditions they are working in. In China, local brand lamps and components are commonly used in the fields due to cost considerations and easier accessibility.

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