Introduction of Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System

Volvo excavators are renowned for their innovative technology and high-performance systems, and one of the key features is the Positive Hydraulic Control System. This system provides precise control over the excavator’s operations, offering excellent performance and maneuverability. Here are the key features of Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System.

What is Positive Flow Control?

In a Positive Flow Control system, pressure-compensated control valves are employed to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid. These valves have the ability to maintain a constant pressure differential across the system, allowing for precise control of flow rate. The system continuously adjusts the valve openings to ensure the desired flow rate is achieved, delivering the necessary power to the actuators while conserving energy.


PFC`s simple logic is that the pump displacement setting and the valve openings are controlled simultaneously by the operator’s joystick signals.

By providing accurate and constant hydraulic flow, the Positive Flow Control system offers several advantages. It allows for precise and responsive control of machine operations, enhancing productivity and efficiency. The system also reduces fuel consumption by delivering the required flow without excess waste. Furthermore, it provides smooth and consistent machine movements, improving operator comfort and reducing wear and tear on the components.

Benefit of PFC?

  • 1. Accurate and Responsive Control

The Positive Hydraulic Control System ensures precise and responsive control. Operators can maneuver the excavator with precision, experiencing quick response times and predictable movements. The system delivers smooth and precise operation, maximizing accuracy and efficiency in various tasks.

  • 2. Performance Optimization

The Positive Hydraulic Control System focuses on optimizing the excavator’s performance. Utilizing advanced control algorithms and cutting-edge technology, it enhances efficiency and productivity while minimizing fuel consumption. This maximizes the excavator’s performance while reducing operating costs.

  • 3. Intelligent Load Sensing

Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System incorporates intelligent load sensing technology. The system monitors the load demand and adjusts the hydraulic flow accordingly, ensuring efficient power delivery to match the task at hand. This intelligent load sensing optimizes performance, providing the necessary power while conserving energy when less power is required.

  • 4. Enhanced Operator Experience

Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System significantly enhances the operator experience. The system offers smooth and precise control, reducing operator fatigue and improving comfort during long hours of operation. The intuitive controls and responsive feedback contribute to a positive and productive working environment.

  • 5. Customizable Settings

Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System allows for customization to match the operator’s preferences and specific job requirements. With adjustable settings, operators can fine-tune the response and sensitivity of the controls, ensuring optimal performance for different applications and work conditions.


In summary, Volvo’s Positive Hydraulic Control System provides accurate and responsive control, optimizes performance, incorporates intelligent load sensing, enhances the operator experience, and offers customizable settings. With this advanced system, Volvo excavators deliver exceptional precision, efficiency, and productivity, making them a reliable choice for a wide range of construction and excavation projects.

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