The Ultimate Guide to Using the Bhulekh Odisha Portal

The Bhulekh Odisha portal is an invaluable resource for landowners and prospective buyers in the state of Odisha. This online platform provides comprehensive information about land records, ensuring transparency and ease of access. This guide will walk you through how to navigate and use the Bhulekh Odisha portal effectively.


  1. Understanding the Bhulekh Odisha Portal
  2. Accessing the Bhulekh Odisha Portal
  3. Navigating Land Records on Bhulekh
  4. Key Takeaways from Using Bhulehk

Understanding the Bhukekha Odisa Portal

Bhukekha Odisa is a digital initiative by the government aimed at making land records easily accessible online, thus promoting transparency in property transactions.

Accessing The Buhlekha Odisa Portal

To access the Buhlekha Odisa portal, Please visit the URL: and enter your district, tehsil, village name or plot number to get started.

Navigating Land Records on Buhlekha

Navigating Bhulekh

Once logged into the Buhlekha site, users can search for specific details like ownership details or transaction history by entering relevant information such as district name or plot number.

Key Takeaways from Using Buhlekha

By providing easy access to crucial data like ownership details and transaction history the Buhlekha has been instrumental in transforming real estate transactions making them more transparent and efficient.

Links to other important sites

I. Click on “Departmental User Login” for R&DM officials

II. Click on “Payment of Stamp Duty” for Online Stamp Duty payment site

III. Click on “RCCMS” for Revenue Court Case Management System application.

IV. Click on “Payment of Land Revenue” for online payment of Land revenue through ePauti portal

V. Click on “Registration Portal” for accessing IGR, Odisha site.

VI. Click on “Map View” for accessing Bhunaksha site.

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