The Useage of Bhulekh Portal in Odisha

As an invaluable tool for land records, Bhulekh Odisha has transformed the real estate landscape in Odisha. This article delves into where and why people in Odisha use this online platform.


  • Land Ownership Verification
  • Detailed Land Information Access
  • Transaction History Check
  • Resolving Land Disputes
  • Government’s Use of Bhulekh
Bhulekh user

Land Ownership Verification

One key use of Bhulekh Odisha is verifying land ownership. This becomes particularly crucial during property transactions, ensuring a smooth and legitimate process.

Detailed Land Information Access

With Bhulekh Odisha, users can access detailed information about specific pieces of land, such as size, location, and type (agricultural, residential or commercial), facilitating informed decisions regarding real estate.

Transaction History Check

Checking transaction history on this site provides valuable insights into any past legal disputes related to a property. This clarity benefits potential buyers immensely.

Resolving Land Disputes

In case of disputes over land ownership or boundaries, individuals can rely on the information available on Here as evidence during legal proceedings.

Government’s Use of Bhukekha

Government officials extensively utilize this platform for administrative purposes like tax collection and updating records post transactions.

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